Optometrist Team – Dr. S. Alfano | Dr. D. Sabatini | Dr. C. Alfano | Dr. N. Ferenac

Our team of experienced optometrists are available 6 days a week including evenings and Saturdays. They provide on-site eye tests or exams, visual field testing and more.

The following services are offered to our customers free of charge:

  • Nose pad replacement
  • Minor repairs
  • Adjustments

We do our best to provide our customers with the best service and selection. We can fit our customers with eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses and prescription safety glasses. We also carry a vast array of youth’s and children’s glasses from Ray Ban, Puma, Youpi, Nike, Juicy Couture and more!

Specialty Eyewear

We also provide specialty eyewear for both adults and youths such as prescription swim goggles, dive masks, sports eyewear and safety glasses.

Who can benefit from specialty eyewear?

Professionals- People like construction workers or those who work in sunny areas may benefit from prescription sunglasses or safety glasses. We wear sunscreen on our skin but often forget about maintaining the health of our eyes.

Hobbyists- Sports players, readers, crafters and even hunters can use specialty eyewear to not only enhance the enjoyment of their experience but also to protect their vision.

Please call or stop by and speak to one of our friendly staff about your benefits packages and how we can help.

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Our optometrist offers eye exams, visual field testing, and more.